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The Military Jacket

The military jacket crossed over from uniform function to civilian fashion in the 1970s when Al Pacino wore one in Serpico, Robert DeNiro wore one in Taxi Driver—and John Lennon wore one, well, everywhere. A bit edgier and more substantive than a denim jacket, the military coat has evolved into a classic, easy layering piece that’s pretty perfect for travel. You can snuggle into it on a chilly flight, toss it over your shoulders after sundown, or hold it over your head when a cloud opens up mid-sightseeing.

Recognizing its appeal—but craving a bit more fashion that you get from a basic army surplus coat—we started upcycling vintage military jackets, adding a flourish of Figue’s signature embellishments, like beading or hand-embroidery. The result: a one-of-a-kind, wear-anywhere piece that pairs with everything in your closet.

Figue is French for “fig,” the juicy, decadent fruit that grows wild in sunny locales. To us, biting into a ripe, tender fig conjures the elation of vacation. Think…a languid, sun-dappled day on an island in the Mediterranean.

Pretty figue-ing fabulous, no?