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Symbols & Patches

November 13, 2017

Symbols express what words can’t. It is fitting, then, that our military jackets — many of which have literally lived through wars and are steeped in history — are emblazoned with symbolic patches. These images give additional layers of meaning. Here, some of our iconic patches and the meaning behind them.

Elephant: Strong and gentle creatures, elephants are formidable in size yet quiet in manner. In Hindu culture, Ganesha brings good luck and prosperity.

Eye: The eye is all-encompassing and is as tangible as it is mysterious. As The Book of Symbols says: “The eye receives and emits light, looks out and looks in, is a window on the soul and on the world, revealing and perceiving….”

Flower: The hallmark of spring, signifying renewal and rebirth.

Fig: For Stephanie, the fig (figue in French) represents sunshine and summer on the Italian Coast, where she went every year growing up. Figs are also a vital part of our ecosystem, as examined in a fascinating New Yorker article.

Hamsa: A talisman for good luck. Many cultures believe wearing the hamsa protects you from harm.

Scarab: A symbol of strength, persistence and immortality. The dung beetle was the most revered scarab in Ancient Egyptian culture and was connected to the sun god Ra, who rolled (much like the beetle) across the sky each day.

Serpents: Equal parts graceful and strong, serpents represent power in life and death. Snakes never blink, showing an ever-present vigilance. Interlinking serpents are part of the Figue logo.