Travel Log

Stephanie's Trip to Haiti

October 18, 2017

Earlier this year, Stephanie was invited by the Clinton Foundation to discover the artisan, fashion and manufacturing communities in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. The creative movement happening there is extraordinary and Stephanie was inspired by each experience she had, from seeing local metalwork at the DOT Center to learning about Voodoo culture. In fact, doll necklaces she found at Pascale Théard are meant to ward off harm and were styled with our latest collection.

"Haiti is an explosion of artistic energy. You feel it. The country is not quite a tourist destination yet, so everything is behind the scenes. I was amazed by the influence of voodoo culture — the good of it and the protection it represents. And most of all, I was honored to meet so many amazing Haitian people — they were so warm and welcoming and always greeted us with biggest smiles.” — Stephanie

Stephanie’s Port-au-Prince:

Pascale Théard—leather bags and charms drawing inspiration from traditional Haitian embroidery and beadwork, as well as local voodoo cultural expression, . You can visit the artisan studio, as well as shop the atelier.

Papillon Enterprise—a socially and ecologically conscious business with nearly 300 artisans. Their skills include paper making and screen printing, with the majority of raw materials sourced locally. The ceramics were Stephanie’s favorite pieces here.

Design, Organization, and Training Center (D.O.T.)—A facility for artisans, bridging Haiti’s traditional techniques with modern design innovation to succeed in today’s global markets. The DOT was created by Donna Karan, Urban Zen, the Parsons School of Design, and Haitian artisan and Paula Coles.

Val D’or—a garment manufacturer focused on high-quality pieces made from circular and warp-knit fabrics.

Papaye—Stephanie’s favorite restaurant, with a mix of Caribbean and French influence.


“Ti Kongo” bag charms from Pascale Theard in Haiti


“Ti Kongo” necklaces from Pascale Theard styled with our Akila Top and Maja Shorts in our collection campaign