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Stephanie's Guide to Zanzibar

October 18, 2017
Zanzibar is a magical place. I love the easy spirit and how rustic it is there. The turquoise color of the water is almost supernatural. You can walk out very far into the ocean because of the sandbars and see urchins, puka shells and other natural treasures along the way. — Stephanie


Below, Stephanie’s favorite things to see and do in Zanzibar.

Village Experience: A tour company with a conscience, dedicated to uplifting impoverished communities in the developing world through efforts in international trade and tourism. Ask for Kelly Campbell, who organized Stephanie’s tour, for an unforgettable experience. She can take you around town, introduce you to artisans and immerse you in the local culture.

The Rock: An amazing floating restaurant in Michamvi. Depending on the tide, you walk through the water or take a boat to get there.

Jenga: A fair trade organization opposite of The Rock. They create a platform for social entrepreneurs and groups to promote their products.

Sasik Women’s Cooperative: An entirely women-owned organization, creating an opportunity for Zanzibari women to earn their own money. Stephanie loved the beautiful textiles and artisanal pillows here.

Stone Town: A UNESCO World heritage site, Stone Town is a quintessential Swahili trading town. Do a walking tour through the winding streets, visit artisans and shop local goodies along the way to learn about the community and culture. You can see carvers designing wooden boxes, try local Zanzibari stacks, stroll through the Darijani spice market and walk along the water.

Memories: Great place to start a tour of Stone Town and branch out from there. You can find spices, teas, kikoys and other things indigenous to the area.

Dhow Boat Ride: Drive to Kendwa Beach to ride on a Dhow boat called “Wisdom” for the day. During Stephanie’s trip, the captains sailed to a deserted beach and grilled seafood on the boat. Afterwards, the group went swimming and snorkeling by the reef near Tembatu Island. The experience was so magical that Stephanie now takes dhow rides every time they come to the Swahili Coast.

Photography by Michael Lucas


Beautiful beaches
 Sweet donkeys roam


Even the beach shacks are beautiful


Amazing artisans in Stone Town


Stephanie's favorite restaurant The Rock

Sailing on the Dhow boat "Wisdom"