Lamu: Kenya Enchanted Island

October 18, 2017

The beautiful island of Lamu, Kenya is home to beloved boutique Ali Lamu – where Stephanie often travels to bring back her favorite items to sell at Figue. Can’t make it to Kenya this year? The next best thing is beautiful coffee table book Lamu: Kenya’s Enchanted Island with stunning, colorful photography by Carol Beckwith, Angela Fisher, David Coulson, Nigel Pavit. Here, some of our favorite images.

Above: A woman at a wedding ceremony wears beautiful silver cuffs and printed dress


Above: A Swahili woman from Pate sits on her bed in the privacy of her home in front of a kasa displaying a collection of imported glass and china.

Above: Khangas are brightly colored cloths worn by women. They come in pairs, one piece is tied around the body and the other draped over the head and shoulders — both concealed under the black bui-bui a woman wears in public. Many khangas feature a Swahili proverb along a decorative border.