Travel Log


June 28, 2016
Growing up, Stephanie spent her summers on her grandfather’s island, L’Isola dei Galli.
A renowned choreographer for the Ballets Russes, he purchased the Mediterranean island in the 1920s as a place for his dance troupe to rehearse. Stephanie often played dress-up with the many elaborate costumes lying around the house—one of her earliest fashion memories.
L’Isola dei Galli was sold to the renowned Russian dancer Rudolph Nureyev, and after his death, to its present owner, Giovanni Russo. But for Stephanie, the island is still a big part of who she is. The memories of the Mediterranean, the energy of the artists and the abundance of fig trees (figue in French) are important inspirations for Stephanie’s collections.

Photograph by Gianfranco Capodilupo