Inspiration: "Wild Things" Collection

May 18, 2020

The “Wild Things” Collection: think Mediterranean blues, Spanish pinks, gilded sunsets, wild birds, and the everlasting rocker vibes of Kate Moss and the Rolling Stones


Capture your wild spirit, and let it free. From early morning beach walks, sunset reggae and rosé to moonlight dancing... this collection will have you ready for it all.


Highlights are vintage embroideries, bold prints, white eyelet, skirts, and short dresses, including the cool play of Indonesian Batiks in Mediterranean blues and pops of pink and red. Beginning with silk batik prints and moving into lighter cotton crimp pieces, the collection can be worn on the beaches of Ibiza or in the steamy streets of the city. 


Wild birds print embrace freedom, reinterpreted blue Batik lures us into the Indonesian mystique, as well as the Provençal handkerchief – to France, and touches of Mexican graphic embroideries, all create a truly global, eclectic and unique vibe. Hints of magic and constellations prints complement the spirit of the group, giving a mysterious and transitional touch to the collection.