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Giving Back: Nonprofit Space For Giants

October 18, 2017

Photograph by Michael Lucas

We LOVE elephants!

Sadly, these wonderful animals are at risk. The overall population of African Elephants dropped thirty percent between 2015 and 2016 alone, according to the official Great Elephant Census, in large part due to poaching and trafficking.

That is why the work for nonprofit Space for Giants is so important. The organization develops programs to support elephant conservation.

Space for Giants was founded by Dr. Max Graham, a fluent Swahili-speaker who has work on elephant conservation and research for two decades. His approach is multi-pronged: to eradicate immediate threats to Africa’s elephant population and permanently secure their habitats, while also strengthening legal systems so that the law is a true deterrent to poaching in the African communities affected by the illegal wildlife trade. Using solutions from brilliant minds across different sectors (who know the ins and outs of wildlife preservation best), the organization ultimately seeks to establish an equilibrium between wildlife and the growing human population.

Through efforts including elephant education, land management and legal systems, Space for Giants is making strides towards defeating the illegal ivory trade and establishing harmony between wildlife and humans every single day.

We at Figue are honored to be a part of the solution in any way we can. To help support this amazing cause, we have created a Flying Elephant Tote and Pouch whose proceeds go to Space for Giants. Learn more about our Flying Elephant Initiative.