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Figue X Space For Giants: Flying Elephant Collaboration

October 18, 2017

Stephanie is passionate about supporting animals, particularly elephants. To her, these animals can teach people so much, from their grace and strength to intelligence and patience.

Enter: our initiative with Space for Giants. We have partnered on a limited-edition Flying Elephant Tote and Pouch to support elephant conservation. Stephanie was drawn to Space for Giants because of its multi-pronged approach to preserving elephants: through neutralizing their direct threats, securing their habitats and strengthening legal systems so the law is a true deterrent to poaching in the African communities affected by the illegal wildlife trade.

Proceeds from the sale of each Elephant Tote and Pouch go to Space for Giants programs. A glimpse at some of the ways we can make a difference together: 

The name “Flying Elephant” was partly inspired by Space for Giants’ vision of a secure future for elephants and their landscapes — giving them “wings” to thrive. Let’s help elephants fly!