Artisans, Figue Finds


November 13, 2017

Last year Stephanie discovered the incredible artisan and manufacturing communities in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on a trip with the Clinton Foundation. 

She had the opportunity to meet Pascale Théard, a designer whose artisan studio incorporates traditional Haitian embroidery as well as Voodoo culture into their designs — from charms to pendants. These voodoo dolls are meant to ward off harm (we styled them with a recent collection photo shoot and added them to our tote bags for extra good luck). Each piece is one-of-a-kind, hand-crafted from leather with button, beading and embroidery details. 

"Haiti is an explosion of artistic energy. You feel it. The country is not quite a tourist destination yet, so everything is behind the scenes. I was amazed by the influence of voodoo culture — the good of it and the protection it represents. And most of all, I was honored to meet so many amazing Haitian people like Pascale — so warm and welcoming and always greeted us with the biggest smile.” — Stephanie