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November 10, 2017

Huichol Love jewelry is rooted in preserving an ancient culture: the Huichol people of Mexico's Sierra Madre Mountains. Huichols are considered to be one of the oldest groups of Native Americans, dating back 15,000 years. Like many indigenous peoples around the globe, their vibrant culture is at risk of disappearing. 

Huichol Love is a jewelry collection with a purpose: provide an opportunity for Huichol people to maintain in their remote homeland and culture while harnessing their incredible traditional skills to support themselves. Every piece in the Huichol Love collection is hand-beaded in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico and finished with signature sterling silver and gold elements in studios in Austin, Texas and Sayulita, Mexico. We learned more about these amazing pieces and the incredible people behind them from Huichol Love founder Jeri Lynn Ingram.  


Figue: How did Huichol Love begin?

Jeri Lynn Ingram: While traveling through Mexico on an extensive camping trip almost two decades ago, I happened upon Huichol travelers en route to their sacred lands. That encounter altered me. My search for knowledge on the Huichol world eventually led me to the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival. When we moved our family to Sayulita, Mexico, I began to work with the Huichol Center and Huichol Love was born out of the relationships I formed there. I love the meticulous beadwork and yarn art of the Huichol people. Their culture — and the possibility of its extinction — prompted me to create this collection. It is my hope that it spreads love for and awareness of the Huichol culture.

F: Describe the company in three words.

JLI: Devoted. Spirited. Distinct.

F: What does artisanship mean to you? 

JLI: Skill. Touch. Time. 

F: What makes the Huichol pieces so special?

JLI: Huichol Love pieces are hand-beaded by the Huichol people in the Sierra Madre mountains of Mexico. Traditionally, the Huichol have created beaded art and adornments as a means of communication with the gods. I love that this jewelry comes out of a culture whose artistic traditions are so evidently rooted in the sacred. 

F: Tell us how the earrings are made. What are the tools/techniques you use in craftsmanship? 

JLI: The earrings are all freehand — no looms. The rhythm of sure hands threading sparkling beads is a beautiful thing to behold.

F: How many beads go into a pair of earrings?

JLI: There are around 3,000 beads in a pair of the large Fiero Earrings.

F: Who are your designs meant for? 

JLI: Lovers of life, rovers, cultural enthusiasts and detail devotees.

F: Your current dream travel destination? 

JLI: After years on a sunny beach in Mexico, I feel the urge for cold and dark. I’m excited to explore some of the more remote regions of Eastern Europe. My husband and I met while we were both living in Prague years ago so our love is rooted in that land. 

F: What’s your favorite thing about Figue? 

JLI: The abundance of exquisite details on items that feel so wonderfully relaxed.