Figue Finds: House of Fluff

October 18, 2018


At Figue we are passionate about animals and sustainability to us, that’s always cool and chic. House of Fluff is a brand that creates beautiful faux-fur pieces. Their furs are design-focused, high-quality, and use an earth-friendly approach. Produced in New York City at a fair trade factory, House of Fluff pieces look like real fur but are, in our view, just as warm and even more stylish. We sat down with House of Fluff’s CEO and Creative Director, Kym Canter, who shared more about her design process and inspiration…

What inspired you to start House of Fluff?

The idea for the brand was born out of necessity. Like many women, I no longer felt comfortable or chic wearing real fur but could not find a luxurious and well-crafted faux fur alternative. I have been in the fashion industry for over 20 years, first as a magazine editor, then as a stylist and most recently as a creative director at a luxury brand. I saw this as my chance to make a real difference. I sold all 26 of my own fur coats and vowed to create a brand that would not harm animals or the planet.

How would you style the coats and beanie?

I wear my faux furs with everything! The cape coat looks just as chic with jeans and a t-shirt as it does with an evening gown. Only buy the beanie if you like to be noticed, every time I wear mine a million people ask me where I got it!

What are you passionate about?

So many things! Animal welfare, workers rights, sustainability, and pretty much anything to do with the planet. After all, there is no planet B!

What's your favorite cold-weather getaway?

My fantasy cold weather vacation is Antarctica! I am obsessed with the landscape and the raw power and sheer beauty of nature.

What's next for House of Fluff?

We are actively working with chemists from Cradle to Cradle to make a more sustainable Faux Fur textile. We should have a more earth-friendly, sustainable faux fur fabric by 2019. It's so exciting!