Figue Favorites: The Crystal Workshop

April 03, 2020

Introducing… The Crystal Workshop by Azalea Lee! 


We are very excited to share this amazing resource with you during this time. Now, more than ever, is the perfect time to tap into our intuition and utilize crystals to help us with whatever challenges the world is bringing us. 

We sat down with incredible crystal healer, Azalea Lee, to hear more about herself, and as an added bonus, check out a sneak peak from Azalea’s book, which you can purchase here

What inspired you to write this book?

In my work as a crystal healer, I get asked the same questions about crystals over and over again. It was clear that I wasn't alone with how little information there was on how to actually work with crystals. So I wrote this book to help the people who wanted to truly understand and have a genuine relationship with crystals and their energies.

What are some of your favorite moments in the book?

The many "a-ha" moments that readers will have as they discover their own intuition and intuition with the crystals. I'm not going to give away where they are in the book! It will be more fun when it's a surprise!

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about healing! It is my mission to help people find their greatest happiness and fulfillment.

Tell us two things people don’t know about you?

Most people may not know I'm a big foodie and that I love comedy.

What star sign are you?

In Western astrology I'm a Virgo. In Vedic astrology, I'm a Leo.

What is your favorite animal?

All of them. Every animal is special in my book. But my life would not be complete without cats.

Who is your dream person to have a meal with?

My husband.

What is your biggest wish?

That we all learn to truly love ourselves.

What is your dream destination?

Too many to name! But in particular I've been wanting to go to Ethiopia.

What's next for you?

Still more to teach about crystals to the rest of the world!

Anything else you would like to share?

That my online shop specializes in fine and rare metaphysical crystals of high-quality, both physically and energetically. They are the kind of crystals not normally found in metaphysical shops.

Excerpted from The Crystal Workshop by Azalea Lee (Artisan Books). Copyright © 2020.


Imagine holding two tuning forks of the exact same pitch. Striking one fork will make it sound—but the untouched fork will begin to vibrate and ring too. In physics this is known as sympathetic resonance: when a passive object responds to external vibrations that are harmonically alike. The same principle is at work when an opera singer breaks a champagne glass using her voice. By singing at a pitch matching the frequency of the glass, the singer causes the molecules in the glass to vibrate so powerfully they tear apart, causing the glass to shatter.

Science has proven that light, color, X-rays, and radio waves are all vibrations—even objects that are perceived to be solid are made of vibrating atoms. Since you are also made of atoms, you vibrate as well, but you can break down your vibrations into different parts. Your heart will have its own vibration. Your brain will have its own vibration. Your kidneys, spleen, and bones will have their own vibrations too. And together, your whole body will vibrate in a collective symphony that is unique to you.

However, your physical body is only part of your symphony. There are other parts of you vibrating as well. Of major influence on your overall vibration are those of your thoughts and feelings . . . and some of your thoughts and feelings may be out of whack. There could be negative thoughts running through your head or unresolved emotions from times when you had your feelings hurt. Perhaps you have gone through a traumatic event that has deeply affected your life, or you feel continued grief about something that has happened to you. Situations like these can cause notes—perhaps even whole instruments—in your symphony to go off-key. Over time you will hear your song played off-key so often that this distorted version will begin to sound normal to you. You will find ways to adjust your life to make your song workable, but you won’t be able to shake the vague, nagging hunch that something isn’t quite right. But because it will have been so long since you’ve heard your song played in tune, you will have forgotten what your song was originally supposed to sound like.

This is where the crystals can help: While you are a complex symphony of shifting vibrations, crystals have simplified energies. Each crystal emanates a single and specific vibrational tone. You can therefore use their vibrational tones to align an out-of-key vibration. As long as you open yourself up and accept working with a crystal, bringing it into your energy field allows it to act as a reference tone for your energies to align with. Your subtle bodies will be able to hear what the note was supposed to sound like and can use the crystal’s vibration to retune yourself, allowing your song to be played as it was originally intended. And because the corrected vibration is more harmonized and more aligned with your true self, it results in you feeling better. Your personal symphony can then become more balanced and in tune, allowing your soul to vibrate with more clarity its deepest truth and unique beauty.

In other words, crystals act as tuning forks for your soul.