September 05, 2019

Citizens of Humanity x Figue

Introducing Citizens of Humanity to

Figue is excited to announce we will be offering Citizens of Humanity denim on!


Citizens of Humanity is one of the few denim brands committed to sustainability. All of the jeans we offer are part of their Organic Cotton line. 


Citizens of Humanity is one of the few denim companies to own all of their production facilities. This allows them to deliver product of the highest quality and focus on sustainable technology and practices. 


So how does Citizens of Humanity practice sustainability?


1. CITIZENS OF HUMANITY OZONE WASH: A combination of electricity and gas to create a wash that consumes less than 1/10 the water usage.


2. LASER TECHNOLOGY: Reduces gas consumption by 20-30%.


3. HIGH EFFICIENCY DYE and WASHING MACHINES: Reduces water, chemical usage and power by over 70%.


4. HIGH EFFICIENCY DRYERS: Uses 40% less gas.


5. RECYCLED MATERIAL STONE WASH: Reduces usage of stones by at least 60-70%.


6. WATER CATCH MACHINES: Throughout laundry facility, these catch and recycle the dirty water.


7. E FLOW: Innovative wash process that allows Citizens of Humanity to use less than 60% of the water and resin applications used previously.


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