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Behind the Scenes: Orange International

October 18, 2017

Above: Our Tula dress, hand-cut and hand-embroidered by artisans at the Orange factory in Noida, India 

When you see a Figue design in a store or online, it already has a history — having been around the world and worked on by dozens of people through a rigorous creation and production process.  We believe how a design is made is an important part of its essence, and ours are truly made with love. To give a window into our manufacturing process, we are spotlighting one of our main partners: Orange International. This 25,000-square-foot facility is located in a quiet and green industrial area of Noida near New Delhi, India. Owner and fourth-generation entrepreneur Sanjeev Sareen tells us more.

Figue: What kind of products do you make?

Sanjeev Sareen: We specialize in women’s woven garments with expertise in hand-gliding embroidery, hand-beading and a fusion of hand- and machine-embroideries and prints. We do high-value engineered garments and focus on small quantity orders to deliver great quality. Our factory is run by a team of experienced professionals from the garment industry, some of whom have been with us for over two decades.

Figue: How old are the production techniques and skills you use?

Sanjeev: Decades old and they are constantly improved upon by our in-house team to ensure efficiency and quality. The blend of traditional techniques with modern technology enables us to deliver to our promise to clients. Some of our technical team members come from a fashion school background, while others have learned their skills from older generations. My son Gaurav graduated from the Fashion Institute of Technology and is joining me next month.

Figue: What do you look for when you hire artisans to work with you?

Sanjeev: We look at the artists’ past experience, their openness to learn, their attitude and commitment towards the company. It is also extremely important for them to understand the quality standards promised at Orange, as it is one of our unique selling propositions.

Artisans at Orange International hand-embroidering fabric on wooden hoops

Figue: What is the work environment like?

Sanjeev: We set high standards for the factory, which is monitored on a daily basis. I strongly believe that work ethic and productivity are directly proportional to working environment. Healthy surroundings are very important to employees’ happiness and the success of this business. We ensure our factory is well-ventilated and well lit with a lot of clean, open spaces like our terrace garden for employees to take breaks. Our production floors are not over-crowded and are cleaned in regular intervals during the day. I personally make visits to each section of my factory and connect with our workers, encouraging them to give input on improving the environment. In addition, we make a conscious effort to help society in every way possible. I believe that good karma always comes your way.

Figue: What standards do you set for the factory and facilities?

Sanjeev: Our manufacturing facilities at Orange are 100% compliant with all local laws pertaining to wages, health and safety. In fact, we pay our employees higher than the industry standard and take care of them. Our staff is trained for first aid and fire emergencies and all government permissions and registrations are in place. Our factory itself has pollution control equipment. In addition, we have been audited independently by TUV and our factory is Sedex-certified.