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About the Artisans

January 02, 2018

At Figue we work with artisans around the world, celebrating local craft and unique skills. We love the story behind our Pilar Sweater (above) — handmade by artisans from Madres & Artesanas Tex, a women-led organization in La Paz, Bolivia specializing in premium knitwear, from crochet to macramé. They work only with natural and premium materials like alpaca, angora and silk, creating beautiful pieces. For a personal touch, each Pilar Sweater hangtag is hand-signed by the woman who made it. We love the purpose and ethos of the Madres & Artesanas organization and are proud to support them.

Above: Artisans from the Madres & Artesanas collective

Founder Yelka Maric’s mission is to empower women, not only by providing a healthy work environment where women can bring their children, but also by training them in technical skills, systems control,  registration processes and management styles.  In fact, the company is organized as several “mini-businesses” run by women, who lead the production of high-quality handmade garments, where Yelka serves as the administrator overseeing and sourcing commercial business. Watch her Tedx talk on the business: “Knitting Dreams.

Above: Madres & Artesanas women knitting